Thursday, November 25, 2010

Poor Hope...Update 2

Hope is feeling a lot better, she is back to her loving, boisterous, talkative self. After tests and X-Rays the vets found no evidence of cancer at all which was such a relief. The swelling in her foot was actually caused by  a dodgy hip. Owing to the fact that one hip socket is bearing the entire weight of  the lower half of her body, it is under extra pressure and wearing down at a quicker pace than usual. We are in fact lucky to have found this out now, rather than later. 

She is now on a couple of medicines. One to help with inflammation and pain (although she doesn't actually appear to be in any anymore) the other specifically assigned to prevent further erosion of the hip socket.  The only real downside to Hope is she's now on a diet. She weighs a little more than she should given the fact she only has three legs and is a little less active than she used to be. She has been looking at me with equal measures of shock, confusion and frustration each mealtime when she receives her skimpy rations, but it's for her best...Neen and I are unbelievably relieved and grateful to have her home again, healthy and happy!


Mary G said...

Awww...poor girl.
Well, I'm glad to hear she's getting better and it's nothing too serious :D

brad said...

"That's all I get?"

Yeah, just like humans, the joints don't stand up well to excess. At least it wasn't ... too bad, considering.

Your place is very festive. Next weekend we'll be doing that.