Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Starts....Now!

In preparation for last Friday night's Late Late Toy Show. Neen and I put up all the Christmas decorations Thursday night. The kids were coming up to watch the toy show so we wanted it to be extra special. I love Christmas so much, it's definitely my favorite time of year! Our tree is extra nice looking this year I think. We were giving a couple extra sets of lights, one of which we added to the tree. It made a huge difference. Sora the cat absolutely loves Christmas too, especially the tree. When she was a kitten, she spent half of her first Christmas playing/sleeping in the tree. She loves the lights, decorations...everything. The minute we started unpacking the tree this year she immediately began to get visibly excited and before I had even attached the top tier of the tree in place she was over trying to climb up it! Problem is this. The tree is only 6 feet tall, and Sora is Huge! If she manages to squirm her way onto even one of the lower branches she will most certain topple it! I don't mind at all though! I love seeing her enjoy the festive time of year as much as I do!

Here is the mantel piece complete with stockings, lights Nativity and ornaments, Neen really did a great job decorating it. 

Here is Neens Nativity, and to the far left you can see my favorite Christmas decoration. A Charlie Brown Nativity. When you wind it up it plays 'Hark The Herald Angel' I love how the lights have cast it's shadow behind it's larger neighbour!

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