Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrapping Robins! (Day 23)

Countdown to Christmas (Day 23)

Today was present wrapping day! Pretty much every present wrapped by Neen and myself was in red paper but I wrapped Neens in brown paper and twine yesterday...something a bit different and special! Here are a few photos!

This is a Christmas decoration Neen bought me in Monsoon yesterday while she was in town. It's extremely beautiful, the glossy finish in particular is stunning. Speaking of robins, the last day, when I was out back trying futilely to unblock the frozen pipe a little robin flew down and landed beside me. He chilled for a bit, seemingly unperturbed then flew off.  Right now we are chilling in the sitting room, just had hot chocolate and an apple crumble from the tart factory...yummy! Tomorrow's Christmas Eve...I cant wait!

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