Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Cats and Paper Lanterns (Day 4)

Countdown to Christmas Day 4

We bought Santa themed cat costumes for the cats today. Hope wasn't too fond of hers and bolted shortly after we took this shot but Sora the Christmas Kitty seems to like hers a lot and is still wearing it, hours later. We only got them for fun, with the hope of getting a nice photo or two of them wearing 'em...they were super cheap and a bit of Christmas fun!

In the Galway Fair Trade Shop we found this tiny Christmas tree decoration. A dark skinned Santa Claus which was a really nice surprise as it's not the norm in western society to see such a cross cultural depiction of Ol' Saint Nick. I really love it!

Finally, before going home we headed out to Nina's parents house in Renmore, We brought with us a Chinese Paper Lantern to release with the kids. It turned out to be quite large, and once released flew really high and traveled miles out to sea before disappearing into the dark abyss of the frosty night sky. We all made a special wish, and everyone, Tuna especially seemed to really enjoy it. If we can track down a second lantern we will release another on Christmas eve, maybe with some special Christmas messages attached...

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