Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jingle Bells and Christmas Mittens (Day 12)

Countdown to Christmas Day 12

I got the notion early this week, I'm not exactly sure where from that I wanted to buy Christmas bells. I wanted to attach them to my coat or bag so that when I walked through town, or to the shop that the bells would merrily jingle and make people smile, most importantly children. I had to make a couple trips to town this week, delivering artwork to clients and also picking up Neen's new spectacles but on both occasions couldn't find one. Eventually I did find a bell,...In fact I found a pack of three!, so Neen has one one her bag, and I have one on mine. Neen kept the bow on hers but I removed mine as I just wanted the two bells on their own. (To see my wife Neens Christmas bells click here)

Everywhere I go people prick an ear or look up curiously expecting to see Santa or one of his elves. It seems such a simple way to partake in and spread Christmas cheer.

I never ended up finding those Christmas mittens I was looking for so my talented wife made me a pair. We went to Pippa Blue in Galway to pick out some wool last week. On asking how much yarn we would need she replied, just pick two ball in any colour you want. I couldn't decide between grey and turquoise so we opted to just make one in each! I often wear odd socks so why not odd mittens! : ) I love 'em and they fit perfectly!

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