Thursday, December 2, 2010

Festive Studio and City Slicker Cows (Day 2)

Countdown to Christmas Day 2

We had an extra set of Christmas lights left so I decided to hang them in the studio tonight before making dinner. They were a particularly long bunch and easily circled the entire room. I really love the festive atmosphere in the studio now and it's going to be super hard to take 'em down after the new year. 

I walked as far as the Nursing home this morning to bring Neen the camera as she needed it. During the short journey I noticed this bull starin' at me, He was a fair distance away and the camera was at maximum zoom just to capture this. We don't live far from the city centre at all but are lucky enough to be surrounded by country elements too! I love walking to the shop, and passing fields and cows along the way, while still being just minutes away from town.

Neen and I are in bed now, she's making a start on the Christmas cards as I type. We've got Christmas music trickling in the background and the cats are chillin' at the end of the bed. They are very warm and comfy and aren't going to be at all happy with me when I put them out into their respective beds in the studio later...

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