Monday, December 20, 2010

More Shopping and Frozen Sinks (Day 20)

Countdown to Christmas (Day 20)

Today the plan was to head into town for a couple of hours and pick up the last of our Christmas gifts. I nearly sorted everything but ran out of money. My bank has a pretty low maximum daily withdraw allowance and are pretty strict about it. I'll have to go back in again tomorrow morning and pick up the few things I couldnt today, no matter how we all try to cut back Christmas is getting pretty expensive here! 

It has been bitterly cold today. Thus far we have been lucky. We are in an old house but pretty much haven't experienced frozen or burst underground pipes yet. Our kitchen sink is unfortunately frozen, which is proving tiresome. The pipe which leads outside to the drain is frozen solid and has been since Saturday. This basically means we can poor water into the sink but have no way of draining it out. I've tried everything to defrost it, might take a hair dryer to it tomorrow. Hopefully I wont electrocute myself!

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