Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So So Cold (Day 22)

Countdown to Christmas (Day 22)

So so so cold -10 to -17 degrees in many places these past few days/nights. We Irish are used to rain, not snow and frost. Today I was due to go to the dentist for a teeth-clean, but received a call this morning from the receptionist saying all appointments were cancelled because the pipes and a number of instruments in the dental office were frozen. I wasn't looking forward to it at all so was suitably relieved. 

The house was icy this morning. So cold the cats went outside to warm up in the morning sun! Broadband wasn't working again, sink was still frozen but pipes were quite a relief! Given work was impossible I fed the pets, cleaned the house, cleaned the studio, wrapped a bunch of presents made the dinner and then relaxed with Neen. Most of my presents this year are being wrapped traditionally in brown paper and twine, I think it looks wonderful. I'll upload a photo tomorrow, (broadband permitting) In between the cleaning and wrapping Sora and I grabbed the camera, went outside and took some photos, she's such a snow bunny! I gotta say...I think I love frost more than snow....something breathtakingly beautiful about a frosty morning!

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