Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calender (Day 9)

Countdown to Christmas Day 9

Lego Advent Calenders are in my opinion the greatest Christmas treat any house could have. With Christmas anticipation is key and I cant think of a better way for kids to count down the days to Christmas morning. I would have loved one as a child, and can't wait for my wife and I to have children of our own to be able to share the tradition with. We actually have this years Lego calender, we've bought one for the past couple of years too just for fun! It's such a super idea and I can't recommend them enough. If you have kids go to your local store and get one...if you don't have kids get one anyway... 

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Karlynn said...

Hi Morgan, I followed you back to your blog from mine, and had to tell you how amazing your children's illustrations are! I adore the little hedgehog with the quote by Yeats, how beautiful. Is it available as a print anywhere?