Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun Festive Friday (Day 11)

Countdown to Christmas Day 11

As per usual Neens brother and sister, Ant and Tuna stayed at our house last night. After doing the weekly shop and having some dinner we got out the craft box and some paper and pencils and made some hand-made Christmas ornaments. What I like about our rather eclectic collection is each of us very much created something in our own unique style and taste. 

To start, Tuna made a Christmas hat for the tree in pink and red, my favorite bit which actually isn't visible is  on the inside of the hat. Before she went with the polka-dot snow theme, she drew a very cool Santa hat on the reverse of the page.

Ant created red boxing gloves à la Mr T. They read "Merry Christmas Fool" which I thought was pretty darn funny! : )

Neen created a very beautiful paper and crochet bulb style ornament in a dark shade of rouge.

Finally I created a miniature Christmas book. It consists of a small red book with creme pages, dust jacket  in green and a red bookmark. I intentionally left the cover and internal pages blank. I wanted it to be left open to the individual interpretation of each viewer. Maybe it's 'A Christmas Carol" "The Night Before Christmas, the Bible, or a Christmas Carol song book...who knows.

Next up, what Tuna had been eagerly waiting for! We played Lego Creationary! This is a super family game! so much fun and never ever gets old.  It is a perfect gift for young and old and every single house should have one! If interested it can be ordered here from the website! Last night, exceptional models that stood out were Ants football stadium, Neen's graveyard and Tunas Ambulance. The strict set of pieces available is great as it makes one really have to work hard and think through the best way to make any given picture.

Before Tuna went to bed they got out the big o'l box of Lego and got buildin' This time free style and just for fun! The night-time build saw the creation of a tropical Island with two teams of competing ship-wrecked survivors. Here's the twist, they were secretly being filmed as part of a reality TV show!....All this magic and hours of creativity made possible by a few hundred simple pieces of coloured plastic...

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