Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Letter to Father Christmas (Day 1)

Countdown to Christmas Day 1

'A Letter to Father Christmas', also published under the title 'A Letter to Santa Claus' is a wonderful book from my childhood and the first to be featured as part of my Countdown to Christmas. 

Written by Rose Impey and illustrated by Sue Porter 'A Letter to Father Christmas' is a story about a little girl who  loves writing, and can copy beautifully. However she is too young to read, and that is how she comes to send her mother's shopping list to Father Christmas instead of her own letter...

I bought this from a book club catalog when I was 6 or 7 and picked it for two reasons, 1) It was Christmasy and 2) It was cheap! Most of the books were always way out of my pocket money I recall this was about a dollar twenty five and a real bargain! Looking back now it's obvious this book influenced by artistic style quite a bit. I re read it every year and look forward to reading it to my own kids in years to come.

It's a super book, and definitely one to look for this Christmas in your local library or online bookstore!

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