Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poor Tuna (Day 17)

Countdown to Christmas Day 17

Today was a blisteringly cold one. The snow and frost are back and I for one am delighted. Granted inclement weather such as this leads to poor driving conditions but one can't argue with the happiness and joy a white Christmas brings. We had bad news today. Neen's little sister Tuna had to be brought to the hospital this morning, with assumed Appendicitis. If the initial diagnosis proves accurate she is expected to under go key-hole surgery in the next 24 hours and should be home for Christmas. We visited her tonight in the hospital and she is proving exceptionally brave, her only complaint being boredom. The television in her room is minuscule, only has four channels and no remote. There is pretty much nothing on, suitable for a 12 year old child. Ant joked that prisoners in the Irish prisons have more channels available to them than patients in public hospitals. The four of us had a lot of fun for the few hours Neen Ant and I were there. We bought Tuna a small 'Ocean in My Pocket' toy  and had a lot of fun playing with that. 

We made the most of what we had and included of all things, Tunas Sony MP3 player in the game. I gave him an English Accent, (London Cabby'ish) The nights playing saw the MP3 player giving off about iPods and touch screen devices, falling for the very attractive Nurse-call remote, and reacting rather humourously to the family of turtles who Tuna was making bark, meow and moo! simple fun but we were all in stitches laughing.

Neen got most of her Christmas shopping done in a blisteringly quick 3 hours or so this evening...I was very impressed. Even more impressive is she had her God-Child in tow during the seasonal shop. I sorted a few more of my gifts but have a couple left to payoff, pick up and choose Monday. 

The snow was beautiful as we walked up our moonlit hill tonight so I grabbed the camera and took a few snaps! (Warning this is taken in natural moonlight, so it's quite dark)

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