Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cozy Christmas Sunday (Day 19)

Countdown to Christmas (Day 19)

Neen and I, since our very first Christmas together have bought eachother a Christmas decoration. This year we opted to make eachother one instead. Today we stayed home, cranked up the heat and got comfy with the cats in the sitting room.

We watched a lot of Christmas movies today. To start RTE were showing two Sunday matinees back to back. 'Chasing Christmas' and 'Crazy for Christmas' Normally TV movies such as these aren't great but we really really enjoyed them, and were pleasently surprised. 'Crazy for Christmas' in particular rather impressively for a low-budget flick referenced 'Star Trek', 'Sesame Street' and 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.' Lolo my Godmother and cousin Mark dropped up for a visit and to pick up 4 Red and White Christmas hats Neen crocheted for them. 

For the evening we each worked on our respective gifts. Neen crocheted me a beautiful Nativity Scene. Mary Joseph and baby Jesus all wrapped up together. It is stunningly well designed and made and I really love it!
While creating we ordered Pizza and watched 'The Nativity Story'. Neens Crochet Nativy being very much inspired by the film. 'The Nativity Story' is pretty perfect and up there with Neens favorite films ever. We actually loved it so much we watched it twice. We highly highly recomend this simple classic!

For Neen I hand-sewed a Christmas Ball style decoration using some of the material Neen bought for me at the Knit and Stitch Show. The red ball has a matching red ribbon and on the reverse of the decoration a green pocket. In the pocket we are each going to write eachother a note and will not read said notes until Christmas morning next year. The plan is to continue the tradition every year.

Tonight while finalyzing the final details of our decorations we watched 'Holiday Inn' another classic before heading to bed happy after a festive day of creating together.

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