Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Broken Broadband and Bargain Buys (Day 21)

Countdown to Christmas (Day 21)

I bought the last few of my presents today! So so happy, Neen is always saying during the year that we should buy our presents early and I'm starting to agree! It's a 6-mile round trip in and out of town and I've made every single trip by foot over the last few weeks...I'm wrecked!

The broadband in the house and studio hasn't been working at all over the past few days. It flickers on and off occasionally but that's about it. I'm assuming the freezing cold weather has something to do with it, although our Broadband service is due to be phased out in the new year, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's adding to the poor to non-existent quality of the connection. I've been writing these blog entries offline in the hope of uploading them at some stage over the week if the internet is active long enough to do a quick upload. If you're reading them it means I was successful if only briefly...

No luck trying to defrost the frozen kitchen pipe today. I cleared a few inches outside but the problem is too deep rooted. I tried a hair-dryer but no luck I'm worried If I use a more powerful heat source, such as an electric heater the pipes could expand and crack, so we'll just have to wait it out...I'm extremely great full we have running water at all. Not everyone is so lucky this winter so we cant complain about such a minor inconvenience.

Elveries Sports have a massive sale on football shirts at the moment. After much deliberation I decided to buy one, A 2010/11 Valencia CF Home kit, made by Kappa. It was €13.50 reduced from €60.00 a pretty good bargain, and I love Kappa as a sports manufacturer.

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