Friday, December 3, 2010

Fortress of Solitude, Turkey for Christmas (Day 3)

Countdown to Christmas Day 3

The sun came out today after a week of frost and snow and as the rays peeked over the house and slowly crawled into the back garden I found Hope basking in the heat. If her jocund expression makes her appear 10 foot tall, she literally was. In this shot she is sitting on an old dilapidated garden shed. It's her fortress of solitude so to speak. Whenever she feels ill, tired, or moody, rain, hail or shine this is where she goes.

Tonight was Neen's Work Christmas Party, so I had the house to myself for a few hours.  When I wrapped up in the studio I made a snack, grabbed some books, turned on all the Christmas lights and made myself comfy in the sitting room. I had some Christmas music playing lightly in the background, Hope purring like a lawnmower on my lap and a good book to read...

The book in question was 'Turkey for Christmas' by Marguerite De Angeli written in 1944 it is the semi-autobiographical account describing the Lofft family's first Christmas in Philadelphia after moving there in 1902. My copy is an ex -library book I bought in America over 15 years ago. This particular publication dates to 1968 and is a beautifully charming Christmas tale.

It's quite short at just under 50 pages, but I really enjoyed relaxing next to tree and reading it once again as per my yearly tradition.

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