Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bad Day...Good Book! (Day 5)

Countdown to Christmas Day 5

Today was a pretty crappy day, Christmas spirit didn't come so easily. I woke up this morning after a nights worth of really bad dreams, the memory of which still makes me shudder...

I had plans to do some drawing this morning but instead took the opportunity to do a deep clean of the terrapin tank. I clean out the filter every week and replenish the water nearly daily but a deep-clean was well over due. It has been so cold the past couple of weeks I haven't wanted to take the chance having the turtles out of there warm tank for the 3+ hours it can take sometimes to remove and individually clean all the elements.

The Christmas lights on the tree stopped working too. I checked the individual bulbs and eventually remedied the problem...two hours later the Christmas lights blew out again, this time unfortunately for good. They were the really beautiful and colourful new set we had too. I very slowly had to unwind them from our tree. It took ages as I always put the lights on first, so all the decorations, tinsel etc were basically layered on top. I replaced the faulty lights with a much smaller set, which I've owned for years. In college I used to stick 'em on my animation desk every Christmas. They also lit up myself and Neens very first Christmas tree years ago. For the past couple of years they have been on Neens little pink Christmas tree in the dining room. (Technically the terrapins now consider it's their tree as it resides next to the tank.)

Worst of all Neen wasn't well at all today. She is going to the doctor tomorrow, so I hope they can give her something to get her back to her normal self. I walked into town this afternoon to stock up on some supplies to help boost her immune system a bit, Multi vitamins, Vitamine C and Zinc capsules, Paracetamol etc...but there is only so much they can do...I hope she feels better soon!

To cheer myself up this evening I grabbed this book from the studio shelf and took 5 minutes to relax...'Santasaurus' published by Walker Books and written and illustrated by the very talented Niamh Sharkey. I'm quite proud to say my copy of 'Santasaurus' is signed by Niamh herself. We met during this years Baboró festival, she too had an exhibition and was meeting school groups during last Octobers festival. 'Santasaurus' is a perfect Christmas read for young and old and can be purchased online here!

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